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Stocks Technical Analysis with real-time auto buy and sell signals. Make smart trades with our Ami-Broker based charts software.

A passion for creating charts

The Smarter Way to Buy and Sell: Signals that Perform.

RSI Ribbon Trading Mastered

Unlock Trend Clarity with RSI Ribbon Trading Brilliance.

MACD Based Ribbon

Trade with Confidence: MACD Ribbon Signals, Your Ally.

Bollinger Band Based Ribbon

Ride the Waves, Seize the Trends: Bollinger Ribbon Insights.

Real-Time Market Buy Sell Signals

Elevate Your Trend-Following Prowess with Live Market Signals.

TRIX Based Ribbon

Where Trends Meet TRIX Indicator Elevate Your Trading IQ.

Short-Mid-Long Trend Based

Experience the fusion of Short-Mid-Long Trend Color Signals

Buy & Sell at the right time is an art

Our Charts is the secret weapon that separates successful traders from the rest, providing the edge to buy right and sell smart.

Unleash Market Signals

  • Collaborate with Indicators.
  • Create your own charts.
  • Experience the world of trading charts.
3 April Chart
Thumbnail Buy Sell Signal Software
Thumbnail Buy Sell Signal Software

Trading Charts Trailer

  • Trend Reversal Plot On Super Trend and MACD
  • Advance Buy Sell Chart Based on Trend-Lines and RSI
  • Over Buy Sell Based On Heikin-Ashi & Stockhastic

“With Optim Stocks, you’re not just trading; you’re mastering the art of buying right and selling smart, one signal at a time.”

Yogesh Mehta

Trader, Finguru

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