How to Install

Below are the simple steps to Install Optim Indicator

Make Sure that Antivirus is Off before the Installation

Step 1 – Install the Amibroker

Step 2 – Install the BestRTNex Data Provider Setup (Preferred Vbiz )

Data Option 1 – – visit > Create New Account > Login > Register Trial Activate your Trial

Data Option 2 – – Install the demo setup register yourself with RTdata

Data Option 3 – – Install the demo setup register yourself with Amifeeder setup the demo will activate automatically

Step 3 – After Activation open the plugin and it will automatically launch Amibroker

Check that Data is working correctly, if not make sure that you click on “backfill” in data setup. After opening the data setup select 5 Min chart and wait for the data to download

Step 4 – Download files which has the AFL’s from Given Link –
Unzip the file and copy the folder “Optim Signals” and paste in below location
Local C > Program Files > Amibroker > Formulas >

Step 5 – Open data by clicking on Data icon it will auto-launch Amibroker. Click on + sign and select “New default Chart” and select time frame as 5 Mins. From the right-hand side select your desired stock/symbol

Step 6 – Fix the Parameter’s: Move cursor over the chart and
right-click. Select parameters > Scroll to
FINAL (F= 2, T = 5)

Step 7 – Right click on the chart, select template and save as default