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Accurate Technical analysis Indicator for Buy and Sell Signal Analysis

We develop technical analysis indicators with the study of historical market data. which includes price and volume. By using insights from market behavioral economics, psychology, and quantitative analysis. Our technical analysts focus on using past performance to predict future market behavior. We use both forms of technical analysis i.e charting patterns and technical (statistical) indicators.

  • With analysis we venture to predict future price movements. And provide our traders with the information required to make consistent profit.
  • Our buy and sell signal software indicator allows traders to apply technical analysis tools to charts. This helps to identify entry and exit points for potential trades.
  • Our technical analysis consists of a variety of strategies that depend on explication of price action in a stock. Focused on determining whether or not a current trend will continue and, if not, when there will be a reversal.

How to use our Technical Analysis indicators

Our charting patterns are a subjective form of analysis. Where our analyst and technicians endeavor to recognize areas of support and resistance on a chart by looking at specific patterns. Our statistical form of analysis includes various mathematical formulas for prices and volumes. We use both chart patterns and technical (statistical) indicators.

Nifty buy signal profit
Nifty sell signal profit

Simple Steps To Take A Perfect Buy Call


Upward Green Arrow With Sound & Pop-up


Volume Bar Color Exactly Green


Trend Line Rising And Above Zero


Yellow Trend Line Above Buy Candle


Dotted Green Line Above Targets